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Courses and studies

Einsichtnahme in Klausuren

Einsichtnahmen in Klausuren der Politikwissenschaft werden am Seminar für Politikwissenschaft vorgenommen.
Informationen hierzu finden Sie auf den Seiten des Instituts.

Registration for exams

In addition to registrating for the course, an additional registration for the examination is required. Information can be found on the website of the Institute of Political Science.

Examinations Colloquium

In preparation for your bachelor thesis or master thesis the chair offers the following colloquia:

Kolloquium Sozialwissenschaften (bachelor thesis)
Kolloquium Politikwissenschaft (master thesis).

For details please contact the staff.

Inspection of exams

The Institute of Political Science organises inspections of written exams (Klausuren) in political science.

Information will be provided on the website of the Instuitute of Political Science.


You find the relevant information here.