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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Leidhold

Prof. Wolfgang Leidhold is head of the Chair of Political Theory and History of Ideas.
One of his focal points in teaching is the supervision of graduate and postgraduate students.
Graduate students and PhD candidates: Please contact Prof. Leidhold concerning your thesises. Current office hours are listed under Staff.

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Wolfgang Leidhold: The History of Experience (Forthcoming!)

At this year's convention of the American Political Science Assiciation (APSA) in San Francisco (08/31/2017-09/03/2017) Professor Wolfgang Leidhold's just finished book The History of Experience, An Essay on Human Nature and Cultural Evolution in the course of a Round-Table-Discussion will be presented to a larger academic public.

Furthermore Wolfgang Leidhold will present his book in New York at the well-known  Parsons School of Design on September 25, 2017. For more information take a look at Parsons' website.

The genealogy of experience explores both, the history of experience as it unfolds from the Paleolithic to the present day, as well as its impact on the dynamics of culture and civilization. The main thesis is a paradigm shift: The structure of human experience changes over time - it is not a universal constant. This thesis runs counter to the general consensus, which considers the architecture of experience invariable since the earliest days of mankind. This, however, applies only to sensory perception, which is only one of nine different dimensions of experience, such as imagination, contemplation, and spiritual experience, to name just a few.
The way to get in touch with reality has undergone nine transformations since the Paleolithic, when visual imagination developed as a new dimension. Since then, seven more transformations took place in different regions and at different times. The characteristics of cultures as well as their different concepts of political order are essentially based on the respective mix of experiential dimensions.
The genealogy of experience develops an interdisciplinary theory of experience combining neurological, philosophical and historical aspects, as well as a detailed intercultural analysis of evidence from the Paleolithic to the present.


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